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The Oxford Street East cycleway will stretch from Taylor Square to Centennial Park.  It will complete the regionally important route from Bondi Junction to the CBD. This route will pass shops, offices, schools and St. Vincent’s Hospital, and many other everyday destinations for thousands of residents.  The cycleway will allow bike riders of ALL ages and abilities to travel safely and sustainably.

For more information about this game-changing project, please visit the Oxford Street East project page.  The Transport for NSW page is here.

Oxford Street is languishing and needs a bold plan to reinvent itself for the future

The proposal by Transport for NSW to add a protected cycleway to Oxford Street is not just about bikes.

It is an opportunity to reconfigure the street, diversify its transport mix, improve the urban environment and transform Paddington.  Businesses, residents and visitors will benefit from widened footpaths, lower speed limits, reduced through traffic and upgraded public spaces that prioritise entertainment, dining and people rather than cars. Oxford Street will be a healthier, happier and livelier place.

This is a very exciting project! But there is a risk it will not proceed

Of course, change is always hard and some residents and businesses are very anxious about the cycleway.  There are concerns about parking, access and endless construction.

Our friends at Bicycle User Group BIKEast have busted the myths that have built up around the project and reassure the community that:

  • Parking will still be possible in the bus lanes on both sides of the road off-peak.
  • Fewer lanes will not cause ‘carmageddon’ – but reduce demand for driving by making walking, bike riding and public transport more attractive.
  • The cycleway is not just for the people who currently cycle on Oxford Street. A safe and protected bicycle path will allow new riders – particularly women, children and the elderly - to travel in a healthy, sustainable and fun way.
  • There will be great outcomes for everyone – not just people who ride bikes

How YOU can help advocate for a better Oxford Street

1.  Sign the petition.

The most important thing you can do is sign the petition. This shows politicians that the community supports the proposal, despite noisy opposition and negative media coverage.

Please also share the petition with friends or family who are excited about a safe, protected cycleway on Oxford Street!

2.  Write to your local politician

Even a quick email saying you support the reconfiguration of Oxford Street - to reduce traffic, create a safe cycleway, widen footpaths and improve public spaces - will help elected representative hear positive sentiment and swing the pendulum to political support.

Here are some state MPs for nearby electorates:

3. Write to the Transport for NSW project team

It is essential to put pressure on the NSW Government to deliver this much-needed project. Transport for NSW must adhere to its excellent policies and strategies, and reallocate road space for wider footpaths and a best-practice cycleway.

4.  Encourage your favourite businesses to display a We Loves Bikes sticker.

These will be delivered to shops.  The more stickers on walls, the greater the spirit of ‘bonhomie’ around bikes on Oxford Street.  Reluctant businesses and residents will not be able to resist the fun, colourful, inclusive vibes that an explosion in bike riding will bring!

5.  Become a Bicycle NSW Member

Support our advocacy and ride with peace of mind knowing that you are covered by our global comprehensive insurance and enjoy many other Member only benefits

6.  Join your local Bicycle User Group

In the Eastern Suburbs, please contact BIKEast. They hold meetings on the first Tuesday of every month, which can be found on the Meetup group.

7.  Sign up to our campaign for Better Streets

Better Streets is a coalition of planners, advocates, community groups, pedestrian and bicycle groups that are working to support local and state governments roll back 70 years of car-centric planning.

8.  Donate to the Environmental Trust which funds our campaigns for safer infrastructure.

Did you know that we are only funded by public donations and membership fees? Whether it's a one off or an ongoing donation we welcome your support and commit to investing your donation to creating a better environment for cycling.

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