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Nearly 12 months ago, Tamworth Regional Council announced they’d secured $3.284 million in State Government cycle path funding. So, how have they spent the money over the last year?

Completed Work In Tamworth

  • Warral Road - $39,000 - To divert cyclists away from traffic when crossing the Stewart Avenue bridge - 30 metres in length
  • Stewart Avenue - $134,000 - Edith Street to Ridge Street - 750 metres in length
  • Duri Road - $225,500 - Connecting Lions Park to Robert Street - 650 metres in length
  • Cossa Street - $171,000 - From Warral Road to Cole Road - 475 metres in length
  • Armidale Road - $6,000 - Crossing Hayne Street - 20 metres in length
  • Goonoo Goonoo Road - $56,000 - Northbound from Calala Lane to Scotts Road - 300 metres in length
  • Greg Norman Drive - in front of TRECC
  • Calala Lane - between Lampada and Darrell Road
  • Manilla Road - opposite Oxley Vale Primary School linking existing estate access shared path and the school pedestrian crossing which then joins the shared path all the way back into Tamworth.

Future Work

Over the next 2 years they plan to complete most of the “missing links” in the existing cycling network. 

Back in February,  Member for Tamworth, Kevin Anderson announced another $140,000 for the Tamworth Mountain Bike Park, for a connection to the planned shared pathway being constructed along Forest Road. It will also include new signage, an entranceway and a new 930m long trail that would extend the existing 3km trail.

Bicycle NSW is pleased to hear of the continued work of Tamworth Regional Council. When they surveyed local residents back in 2018 about reasons why they don’t cycle, the top two concerns were safety and lack of cycleways. 

Building cycleways was identified in the Tamworth Region's Community Strategic Plan in order to provide a safe and efficient transport network and improve choice, availability and quality of transport options. These new cycleways will aim to encourage more people to ride and feel safe in doing so. 

The council is also working with the 4 local riding groups (Tamworth Mountain Bikers, Tamworth BMX Club, Tamworth Cycle Club and the Tamworth Bicycle User Group (TAMBUG) to ensure this work will benefit them along with the whole community.  

“Building connected cycleways is a great asset to communities and we can’t wait to see the finished results in Tamworth. I congratulate Tamworth Regional Council and all involved in the great work they have achieved so far”, commented Kim Lavender, Bicycle NSW Communications Manager. 

You can keep up to date with what’s happening for bike riding in Tamworth here

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