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Last Friday was a big day for bike riders across NSW with two big events happening. These events saw us deliver on our safe home policy pillar to make riding better across the state.

SUEZ Safety Campaign

Bicycle NSW safety campaign on SUEZ trucks. 

SUEZ Safety Campaign

In the morning Bicycle NSW CEO, Alistair Ferguson, Communications Manager, Kim Lavender, and Graphic Designer, Kirra Zhigunov, joined with SUEZ for the launch of two waste disposal trucks branded with our safety messages.

You may remember our previous articles about SUEZ that related to our campaign for safer heavy vehicles. Their vehicle and safety standards exemplified practices that uphold community safety.   

We were only too pleased to work with SUEZ when they offered us the chance to develop road safety messages for their trucks.  These vehicles will be travelling each week across Sydney for the next few years. We’ll have more details coming your way shortly. 

“An important part of improving safety is showing people the behaviour you want, and we are confident our messages make this clear,” said Bicycle NSW Graphic Designer, Kirra Zhigunov.

NSW Parliamentary StaySafe Enquiry

The afternoon saw General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace, appear before the NSW Parliamentary StaySafe Enquiry into Reducing Trauma on Local Roads. The invitation was extended to us based on our January submission. In the spirit of collaboration we joined with the Amy Gillett Foundation to make recommendations for ways the government could reduce trauma on local roads.

When the transcript becomes available we will share it with you, and there will be more work to be done to answer the questions posed on notice by panel members.  

“Each piece of work required many hours, sound research, deep work, innovation and creativity and without your investment in us we just couldn’t deliver,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

To deliver on our mission, infrastructure, education and enforcement all need to support bicycle riders making it home safely. This is the start of our rider safety campaign and over the coming weeks Bicycle NSW will provide more content to help improve your ride.  

We encourage you to share it as widely as possible, tag in friends, family, MP’s, Councils, businesses - any allies you can think of to help us make your ride safer. 

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