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A fully loaded waste disposal truck reversing down your street at just 5km/h has the same momentum as a Toyota Camry traveling at 67km/h - this is why SUEZ, the resource management company, has implemented advanced safety features on their trucks.

Traveling through high density areas with many vulnerable road users, the collection trucks used through the City of Parramatta are all high visibility full glass cabs with over eight cameras and advanced automatic braking systems.

This is combined with a driver management system that includes live behaviour monitoring and daily coaching to ensure the safest driving standards are always upheld.

Instead of solid metal doors blocking the view of drivers on the passenger side, glass has been used extensively in the design to increase visibility. This assists SUEZ’s drivers to easily see if a bike rider, motorcyclist, pedestrian or other road users are in the blind spot, which is especially important when turning left.

Side loading collection trucks have eight cameras located around the truck, enabling drivers to see every angle outside their vehicle with just a glance. This helps drivers know what is happening around them at every angle and prepare of any sudden actions that could lead to a collision.

Live weight sensors on the truck even alert the driver how many kilos of waste they are carrying. Additional weight, increases stopping distances and by having the correct up-to-date information, drivers can more accurately estimate their braking and that the vehicle is always travelling within it’s safe working limits. A fully loaded truck at at 27.5 tonnes traveling at 80km has momentum greater than the maximum take-off weight of an Airbus A380. For this reason, other road users should always be cautious, pulling in or pulling out around these vehicles when travelling at speed.

But perhaps the most impressive piece of technology is the Smart Reverse. Designed to detect anything from a poll, bin, bike or even child within three metres of the rear of the ruck, the system automatically brakes, stopping the vehicle to avoid a potential collision.

“We congratulations SUEZ on the additional technological safety measures they have placed within their trucks. Their philosophy towards safety should be commended,” commented Kim Lavender, Bicycle NSW Communications Manager.

In our next article, we will outline SUEZ’s company standards to safety that make them stand out from the pack.

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