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Food delivery by bike is popular in NSW, offering a low-carbon, inexpensive service, that de-congests roads and gets food to hungry people.  However it is not without issues.

Bike food delivery worker with meal

Bicycle NSW has shared our road rules resources with food delivery companies, that explain laws specifically related to bike riding in pictures.  We have also encouraged our members to speak up in support of safe infrastructure for these workers.

Of the complaints Bicycle NSW receives, many relate to the bikes being ridden by workers.  These include having bikes with no lights or that go too fast, but a new company may have a solution.

A service for food delivery riders

Bolt has arrived in Sydney and offers an e-bike fleet that delivery workers can rent, lease of rent-to-buy.  Part of the rental includes servicing and maintenance. Ezy Rider Bikes offers a similar service in Sydney but other e-bike rental schemes are priced more for day-hire and short term use.

“Some people don’t feel confident performing major maintenance tasks on ordinary bikes, and could struggle with an e-bike,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Bike workers travel long distances and require safe, reliable bikes, so a serviced e-bike makes a lot of sense,” said Bastien.

Rental services like Bolt also ensure bikes comply with the Australian Standards.  This helps riders avoid heavy fines for using bikes that aren’t legal on the roads in NSW.  

Bicycle NSW supports measures that make bike workers safer, and it’s encouraging to see growth in bike services to support riders.

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