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Recently and for the very first time under the NEW Red Cross/BNSW partnership, a First Aid Course was delivered for BUGs in Sydney!

The Partnership was especially developed to support the BNSW Ride Leaders Course. First aid training is highly recommended for all our Ride Leaders and riders.

“Bicycle NSW and BUG’s have collaborated with the Red Cross to deliver specific bicycle related material. Content ensures riders at all levels receive the most relevant training. Examples provided support riders to accurately assess the situation, act appropriately, and be more conscious of safety when riding.”
Peter McLean, CEO Bicycle NSW.

Approximately 20 participants attended from various BUG's across Sydney including; BayBUG (Canada Bay), Bike North, St George BUG, AshBUG (Ashfield) and Concorders.

NEW Red Cross/BNSW partnership delivers First Aid Course for BUGs
Photo courtesy: David Martin, BayBUG Chair, BNSW Rides Committee


Training consisted of a 4-hour online module and a one-day face-to-face tutorial. The trainer covered bicycle-related scenarios, provided by BNSW to explain first aid responses and techniques.

After the course, participants were enthusiastic about its relevance and quality.

"On behalf of BayBUG I want to thank Bicycle NSW for its initiative in collaborating with Red Cross to provide First Aid Training for our Ride Leaders. The course was extremely well organised, and we all left with a clear understanding of first aid requirements in the event of an accident in particular relating to cycling."
Mike Botton, President BayBUG.

Red Cross and BNSW Partnership Underway

Photo courtesy: David Martin, BayBUG Chair, BNSW Rides Committee

“First Aid rider knowledge can be gained only by being trained. I would like to encourage every rider to not allow fear, time or cost get in the way of completing this course. There is no better time than right now to learn a new set of skills that can keep you safe.” Peter McLean, CEO Bicycle NSW.

BNSW Members receive the heavily discounted price of $84:50 for a group of 20 participants. Public courses are also available at Red Cross centres across NSW and are priced at $141 each for Members, compared with $171 for the public.

Any Members interested in attending a course are invited to send an expression of interest to

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