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Over recent months, we’ve seen an increase in people riding bikes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. People turned to bikes as a way of avoiding crowds on public transport and needing to find a new way to exercise due to gyms being closed.  

Pop-up cycleways and lower speed zones have reduced barriers to riding, while providing safer riding routes.  Sadly COVID-19 also interrupted NSW Centre for Road Safety and Bicycle NSW joint road safety campaign efforts. Our 2 month Safety on Spokes campaign will cover a range of bike related safety topics.


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Week 1 - Safe Passing

Week 2 - Safer Heavy Vehicles

Week 3 - Door zones and door lanes

Week 4 - Help Us To Help You

Week 5 - Getting Your Bike Legal

Week 6 - Road Rules For Bikes

Week 7 - Safety Tips

Week 7 - Safer Environment For Riders