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Bicycle NSW works hard to create a better environment for all bike riders.

Below are some of our campaigns towards creating a safer NSW.

News Articles On Creating A Safer NSW

All too often bike infrastructure planning in NSW focuses on cities and urban riders, but rural and regional cycling needs Read more
Alfred Street in Harris Park will soon be one of the first in NSW to provide bike priority crossings around Read more
On many levels bike riders can feel like history is repeating itself as another round of plans and riding conditions Read more
Most of the roads in NSW are controlled by Councils, but plans to accelerate development, whilst reducing their budgets, and Read more
The Blue Mountains Cycle Safety Forum has been hard at work, and thanks to this BUG, bike riders can look Read more
Hunters Hill Council have released the final report for their bike plan outlining some of the issues riders face in Read more
The report has been handed down on food delivery rider safety, but we could ride a fleet of cargo bikes Read more
Given it’s mandatory to wear a helmet in NSW to ride a bike, shouldn’t standards be set to ensure the Read more
On the same day the work of two Councils on safe cycling couldn’t have been more different. On Monday afternoon Read more
Here at Bicycle NSW, we love parkrun! This is because it has encouraged thousands of people worldwide to be more Read more
Bicycles provide mobility assistance to help more people travel further than they could by foot. 30 Minute City  Not many Read more
We brought you news of Alex Greenwich MP’s efforts to have rule 74 changed to make roads safer for bike Read more
It’s time to speak up in order to make our road environment safer! The 2026 Road Safety Action Plan is Read more
Adamstown and Murrays Beach, in the central coast, will soon be connected via a 27km shared path, thanks to the Read more
The NSW Government is preparing a new road safety strategy, and we want to ensure your needs are included. Total Read more
Team Bicycle NSW has been pedalling hard for all bike riders, so whether it’s resources or road safety, we think Read more
Bike riders we need you to speak up and have your say whenever bike infrastructure is built that helps you.  Read more
Transport for NSW has shared a range of new resources and policies which, if followed, will make NSW better for Read more
Bike riders want to know where funding will be allocated to make their journeys better. Budget Estimates On Thursday, 25 Read more
Cycling in the Glenbrook Tunnel might be one step closer after the NSW Government and local council announced funding last Read more