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Bicycle NSW is pleased to share the news about the completion of the shared pathway from Speers Point to Glendale (in the Lake Macquarie area). This shared pathway allows bike riders to safely ride from Eleebana to the University of Newcastle and beyond.

The path

Aerial view of the shared pathway beside Cockle Creek. Photo courtesy of Lake Macquarie City Council

The recently completed 4.6km section starts at Speers Point Park and runs parallel to Cockle Creek before following Lake Road and heading behind homes in Argenton to skirt the Waratah Golf Club. It also completes an almost wholly off-road 18 km route from Eleebana to the university, and a 14.3km route from Booragul to the university. 

The path is designed to be safe as well as quick: a ride to the university should (now) take less than an hour making the commute by bicycle a viable option for many students and workers. 

Recreational riders will also benefit from the flat terrain and scenery, especially at the Speers Point end. 

The planned route

University of Newcastle IT Services Manager Alex Dare commuting to work on the new Speers Point to Glendale shared path. Photo courtesy of Lake Macquarie City Council

The planned route

NCM Vice President Peter Lee, Mayor Kay Fraser, UoN Chief Operating Officer David Toll and Council Infrastructure Assets Strategy Coordinator Simon Gulliver on the path.

The City of Lake Macquarie is now home to more than 115 km of off-road shared paths. “This kind of infrastructure promotes healthy lifestyles, improves our environment by taking cars off the road and provides important links between suburbs,” says Lake Macquarie Mayor Kay Fraser. “It is an important step in our region’s roll-out of sustainable commuter transport options.” 

Bicycle NSW CEO Peter McLean echoed this sentiment saying, "Encouraging more commuters to choose active transport over cars should be on every council's priority list, and it is heartening to see Lake Macquarie City Council moving forward in this regard." 

The project’s completion coincides with the launch of a new online cycling map, providing an overview of off-road or on-road cycling routes throughout Lake Macquarie and Newcastle and their level of difficulty. You can view the map here.

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