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As we see pop-up cycleways and lower speed zones established as part of COVID-19 measures, it’s important we share the love.

Pop Up Cycleway

Most bike riders know how strong objections can get to the removal of even one parking space to make riding safer.  Campaigns can involve ‘creative’ claims.  Suddenly a few lost car parks becomes hundreds, trimming a few trees is made out to be a campaign to clear a neighbourhood.  

As more reactionary news outlets pile on, it doesn’t matter how fictional the stories, elected representatives can lose the courage of their convictions.  This is where you can help.

Whenever a pop-up is created, share what this means to you with the local MP, the local councillors and the Transport Minister.  

Share a picture of you, your family and friends using the infrastructure on social media and tag in the local council and MP. You can even send them an email showing your support.  

Over the next couple of weeks we will share images of some examples of infrastructure and ask what you think about it.  We encourage you to engage, tell us what you think and share.

“As the pop-up cycleways become a reality, we encourage you to share what they mean to you and how it has changed the way you travel,” commented Bicycle NSW Communications Manager, Kim Lavender. 

Share Your Pop-Up Bike Lane Suggestions

To share your suggestion:

  1. Mark the location on a map
  2. Describe the problem that needs solving and how a temporary measure (such as a reduced speed limit, bicycle lantern on a crossing signal, temporary bike lane) could fix it
  3. Send the map and issue to us at

Bicycle NSW will pull together the suggestions most likely to decongest routes, and send them to Transport for NSW.

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