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Bicycle NSW has worked closely with Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) and Councils over many years to ensure that the huge Sydney Gateway Project, which creates a new motorway connecting Westconnex at St Peters Interchange with the two terminals at Sydney Airport, delivers really positive outcomes for active transport.

The advocacy efforts of the cycling community helped ensure that a high-quality Active Transport Link (ATL) is being provided.  The ATL includes a shared user path along the north side of the Alexandra Canal, an elegant new bridge over the canal and a new connection to the Domestic Terminal.

Green Links

The new pedestrian and cycling bridge and the rest areas from above (Source: Sydney Gateway)

The ATL will form a substantial part of the future Orbital, which has been included as a Commonwealth Conditions of Consent for future Sydney Airport developments. 

Green Links

Source: Sydney Gateway

The ATL will dramatically enhance pedestrian and cycling connectivity to Sydney Airport, allowing local travellers and 40,000 staff who live in neighbouring suburbs to reach the airport in a healthy, sustainable way.  The ATL will also provide enormous benefit to the wider community, contributing to the regional sections of cycleway and shared user path (SUP) at the nexus of major existing or proposed routes between the Inner West, the Cook River, Wolli Creek, the Eastern Suburbs and Sydney’s CBD.

Rest area

“The attractive rest areas with views of the airport runways will no doubt draw lots of Sydneysiders for recreational reasons too!” said Bicycle NSW CEO, Peter McLean. “We thank the many stakeholder who have helped get this project off the ground”.

You can find out more about the Sydney Gateway Project here and take a simulated ride through journey of the planned cycleway. The latest update on the works can be found here

Bicycle NSW wholeheartedly supports Transport for NSW’s plan to complete the shared user path along the north side of the Alexandra Canal at the outset of the Gateway Project. Early delivery of the ATL will keep cyclists safe during construction and minimise future changes. The path is now being built and should be open by April 2022.

Rest area

The SUP along the Alexandra Canal is almost ready for concrete! (Source: Sydney Gateway)

We attend regular meetings with John Holland Seymour Whyte Joint Venture, the consortium constructing the Gateway, to see how the project is progressing.  

We are pleased that the team is showing continued diligence to maintain a safe and direct ATL at all times during a very complicated construction process.

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