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Bicycle NSW takes your safety seriously, but for some our concerns appear to be a joke.

We regularly share our submissions on state significant infrastructure, where we provide feedback and advice to Transport for NSW and its contractors to help improve the provision of safe infrastructure for bike riders.  This usually follows meetings and the evaluation of lengthy documents and plans.

Flying Bicycle

The Parramatta Light Rail Project has been a particular focus, following the many issues during the Sydney Light Rail project and the fatality in Newcastle. Our submission and requests of Ministers reflect our good faith efforts to work with the government to improve rider safety on this and other Transport for NSW projects.

In response to our submission we received a Parramatta Light Rail Pedestrian and Cyclist Network and Facilities Strategy that would require bike riders to fly between disconnected fragments of cycling infrastructure.  We added flying bikes to the included map to make our point, and provided a response.

Added to this, 78% of instances of light rail crossings involve dangerous angles for riders, and banning bike riders is the opposite of a strategic approach to cycling.

“All across NSW more people are riding bikes as a form of COVID-safe transport and government is funding pop-up facilities to enable safe travel,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“It makes no sense to destroy cycling connectivity and reduce rider safety and we are calling on the State Government to revise this plan before it’s too late,” said Bastien.

If you don’t like your taxes being spent on projects that reduce rider safety, and force people to add to road and public transport congestion, why not share our article by mail, email or social media with your MP?

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