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Would you help us keep safe cycling through the Rozelle Interchange Project?

We have explained the challenges and safety issues involved in current Westconnex development plans at the Rozelle interchange. 

This includes removing two safe overpasses for people who walk and cycle for years during construction.

What's Happening At Rozelle Interchange?

The current replacement plan is an unsafe, multi-stage road crossing that has no space for people to wait and stay safe from cars.  What we want is to use tunnels under the road or for a safe temporary bridge to be built allow people to cross.

We are doing our best to change this, and we recognise that Lilyfield Road is the busiest piece of cycling infrastructure in NSW. 

So far 2416 people have signed a petition calling for a safe alternative and many of you have shared and commented on the video showing the proposed alternative.

How Can You Help Protect Lilyfield Road?

Would you help us please by contacting the developer to let them know why you need a temporary overbridge during construction?

You can do this by emailing or Community Relations Manager on – Community Relations Manager, or calling 1800 660 248, or popping into the Community Information Centre at 84 Lilyfield Road (corner of Gordon Street).

Direct calls, messages or visits emphasise the importance of this to the developer, but please take a selfie as you visit, write or call and either send it to us at or tweet it to #SafeRozelle so we can help ensure you aren’t ignored

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