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Last Saturday, Affliated Bicycle User Group, BIKEast headed up a Tour-de-Pop-up to show the impact safe cycling provisions can have.

Solo Bike Riders In Local Area

Benefits Of Pop-Up Cycleway

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Transport for NSW has developed pop-up cycleways to help people travel safely and reduce the spread of infection.  The focus has been on connecting journeys and encouraging more people to ride bikes in areas where crowded bus and train journeys could spread infection.

Riding from Centennial Park to the city along the Moore Park Road pop-up cycleway, children, families and elders enjoyed the weekend sun, and riders told us these safer spaces had enabled them to commute to work by bike.  With some of the most densely populated suburbs in Australia, the eastern and inner west suburbs of Sydney need travel that reduces overcrowding.

Alternative Ways To Travel

Pop-up cycleways provide an alternative that enables people to reach their destination without posing an infection risk to others.  This is vital to help NSW avoid the restrictions currently in place in Victoria. It’s especially important as the City of Sydney has been declared a COVID-19 hotspot and bus drivers are considering strikes over mask and physical distancing concerns.

“We know these pop-up cycleways aren’t perfect but we are really pleased they have been provided so bike riders can play their part during COVID,” said Bicycle NSW CEO, Alistair Ferguson.

“Whether it’s travel to get to work, access essential services or education, we are pleased riders are getting safer alternatives that help decongest roads and public transport,” said Alistair.

Bicycle NSW looks forward to increased provision across Sydney and NSW to help people ride safely.

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