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After reaching out to SUEZ over a year ago, Bicycle NSW was blown away by their level of commitment to safety. 

SUEZ trucks such as these are fitted with reverse sensors, forward and rear facing camera systems, smart brake technology, drive cam, dead man operator controls, 175 engine hour services as per SUEZ standard operating procedure. We’ve previously written an article about safety through technology here.

SUEZ Truck


SUEZ also understands that technology is not everything and that drivers play a huge role in safety. 

During the SUEZ recruitment process, all potential drivers undergo driving and reference checks along with a medical examination. But before taking control of their own vehicle they spend up to three months working alongside an experienced driver, having undertaken an extensive induction and e-learning program while learning the ropes and training with the on-road safety systems. We’ve written a whole article on the driver training SUEZ does here

After talking with SUEZ, they also have some messages to share with the community to ensure we’re all playing our role to keep everyone safe.

Tips for road users around SUEZ trucks 

As with all heavy vehicles, momentum carried makes it much more difficult to stop than in a regular car. 

A fully loaded SUEZ collection truck carries the same momentum at 5km/h as a family Toyota Camry travelling at over 67km/h. For this reason it’s important to maintain a safe stopping distance and to appreciate how the truck reacts.

Although SUEZ trucks are fitted with multiple cameras, large mirrors and smart braking technology it is always best to assume that if you can’t see the driver they can’t see you. Heed on the side of caution and only overtake when safe to do so.

Tips for children around SUEZ trucks

Seeing collection trucks is always exciting for small children so it’s important to teach them how to be safe around these heavy vehicles. 

If your child wants to wave to the driver: 

  • hold their hand
  • always keep a safe distance
  • make eye contact the driver knows you’re there 

SUEZ drivers love interacting with their community so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself.

Tips for pets around SUEZ trucks

Pets can behave unpredictably around vehicles, in particular large and often noisy ones such as a SUEZ collection truck. If you’re walking your dog off the lead, it is always best to regain complete control before the truck approaches. SUEZ drivers are trained to expect the unexpected when driving through residential areas. Combined with your assistance we can ensure the ongoing safety of everyone in the community.  


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