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When construction projects impact cycleway and road projects and traffic managers are responsible for ensuring people can cycle safely and complete their journeys. 

Unfortunately the Westconnex project has been delivering a ride to nowhere at Rozelle.  This doesn’t meet the requirements of the guidelines, laws and regulations that govern the way projects should be run.

Nigel, a local member, has compared work carried out on this project with requirements under the Austroads Bicycle Wayfinding Report and the Austroads Guide to Temporary Traffic Management.  His video explains the many issues, non-conformities and the impact for riders.

Nigel recommends that ride throughs be carried out prior to detours or new infrastructure being opened to the public, to ensure they are safe and conform with all of the relevant regulations and guidelines.  Bicycle NSW has written to the NSW Transport and Planning Ministers requesting a change in the way NSW works to help make projects safer for riders and the community.

We are confident moving to a more detailed way of working could deliver improved outcomes. If Bicycle NSW:

  • was included earlier in planning processes 
  • completed evaluations and ride-throughs completed prior detours and infrastructure being opened to the public
  • was able to advise on necessary rectifications 

this would reduce the cost of re-work and make projects safer for riders and the community.  

In our submission on the Parramatta Light Rail Pedestrian and Cyclist Network and Facilities Strategy we proposed trialling this new way of working.  If successful, this would enable us to activate the expertise and local knowledge of BUG’s and the community.

A ‘building boom’ is planned to help NSW recover from the economic stress of COVID-19 measures, at the same time as bike riding rates have increased.

“Safety standards on NSW construction projects need to improve urgently for the sake of riders, pedestrians and the wider community,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“We are offering to work more closely with the NSW Government to deliver better outcomes for everyone,” said Bastien.

If you have a project or issue with infrastructure in your area, don’t forget to visit Ray’s Corner, our page dedicated to explaining engineering standards and issues related to bike riding.

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