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Bike riding can open doors for everyone and the University of New South Wales are currently investigating this impact for over 50s.

It will only take about 10 minutes to complete but it will help identify strategies to support cycling as a viable, safe and enjoyable mobility option for the over 50s age group. 

The University of NSW is looking into a range of areas, including social factors, aspects of the built environment and technology, that shape the cycling experience.

Over 50s Bike Riders

8 to 80 is the age range that Bicycle NSW wants to see bicycle infrastructure in NSW built for and with added support for bike riding from the University of NSW we hope to see this be established. A key policy pillar of ours, “Build it for Everyone” wants to ensure this infrastructure is suitable for this age range to ride independently but also that the quality encourages everyone to use it.    

With only one third of Australians being active enough, creating safe connected cycleways can provide incentives for a healthier society. Bike riding helps to reduce blood fat levels, strengthen the heart muscles and lowers the resting pulse rate. Plus it can be used as a form of transport or a fun way to exercise.

It is common for those over 50 to have joint issues, and bike riding as a low impact activity is less stressful on joints than running or other high impact activities. 

Recent studies have also found the electric bikes are also helping people over 50 take up riding but also keep them riding for longer. According to this study, e-bike riders are generally older than push bike riders and had higher BMI’s but they also used their bike on average 1.5 days more a month and travelled an average of 2.7km longer each trip.    

One of our Members, Derek, said it best. “Just as bicycles are one of the great inventions of a previous century I reckon e-bikes are one of the great inventions of this century.”                                                                   “We encourage all bike riders over the age of 50 to complete this survey in hope of creating a better environment for all bicycle riders in NSW,” commented Bicycle NSW Communications Manager, Kim Lavender. 

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